Internet from the people,

for the people.

About Us

SysTec Wireless Communications, LLC is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). It is not satellite. What is it then? Technically speaking, WISPs provide a fixed wireless Internet service. How does it work? It relies upon a direct line-of-sight connection from the Access Point to the roof of your home, as the crow flies. Access Points are typically placed on top of a tower or tall landmass.

As Lincoln County, Missouri is a rural community, internet options outside of each major town are very limited. We decided to change that, so we started SysTec Wireless Communications. We know the ever-changing digital world, and we know how vitally important it is for our community to have quality internet options to meet the needs of work from home, virtual learning environments, and everyday life. We currently focus on covering outer areas of Lincoln County that either have no internet options at all or very limited access/speed.

We ❤ our community; we are our community!